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The Hungry Cyclist lends his support!

September 12, 2009

 I had a great chat earlier today, with a man with a fair bit of expedition cycling experience. Tom Kevill-Davies, AKA The Hungry Cyclist, has offered me not only some kind words of support…..

The Hungry Cyclist“You’re taking on the trip of a life time, on mans greatest invention in order to promote play and watch the most beautiful of sports. The perfect adventure and I only hope you take time for lunch”

…..but also the use of his very own cooking stove and fuel bottle. I am humbled, and only worry that what is to be cooked using said stove over the coming year will not rival what has been prepared with it so far. Maybe it will inspire me to improve my cooking? If you would like to help me with any item of kit that I still need then please just let me know, I’ll be very grateful.

Anyway, check out The Hungry Cyclist’s website for details of his latest adventure, a trip up the Mekong River in South East Asia. Leaving on 1st October, Tom and his bike will travel from mouth to source in search of the finest cuisine the area has to offer. I wish him good luck, and hope that our paths cross at some point next year!

Tom’s book is out, and you can buy it here. An interview with the man himself will soon appear on this blog – keep an eye out!

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