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The Ambassador’s Reception…

November 7, 2009

On this trip I have already met some extraordinary people….

Chris Tarrant Photo

and seen some fantastic sights…

Rhine Meets Nahe

Where the Rhine meets the Nahe

Of course, when I wake up in my tent I don’t always feel like seeing anything…

Sleepy in Tent


which is lucky, as sometimes when I hit the road I can’t see anything.

Foggy Morning

Still can't see much...

I got to Passau, where I met James, Tali and Jojo, and we taught our German friends how to play cricket…with mixed results (notice very old motorcycle helmet as head protection)

Passau University

Cricket at the University of Passau

Because Jojo smashed me in the mouth with a very hard shot. No blood was shed, and I walked away unhurt, which is when he admitted that he was proud of his performace. I forgive you Jojo, but only because you’re bigger than me….
My face hurts

My Face Hurts

 After saying our goodbyes in Passau, and trying to find some decent headwear to keep us warm on the road to Vienna…

Nice hat

Leather Pleasure

James and I hit the road, and met our first long distance cycle tourist. Kazu has been on the road for 3 months. He is on his way to Japan, taking 3 years to get there. He sleeps without a tent by finding shelter in small football stadiums and farmers sheds, he eats very little and cycles at speeds I can only dream of. Good luck Kazu, arigatou!

James and Kazu

James with our new friend, Kazu

As we pedalled through incredible vineyard covered valleys along the Danube between Linz and Vienna, we noticed that my beard was turning autumnal with the leaves. In the small town of Spitz, we stopped in a supermarket to stock up on Haribo and bread. As we left, I danced in a shop window to LL Cool J and Boyz II Men’s “Hey Lover.” A lady noticed and came over to enquire about my well-being. She said that she would love to go to Australia but hated flying, so I invited her to join me all the way. She declined, but was kind enough to donate 10 Euros to the two charities. Thank you Gisela, whoever you are.

Gisela's Donation

Thank you Gisela...

And today, Saturday, saw the first proper game of cricket of the tour. We had a fantastic day as guests of the Austria Cricket Club in Vienna. Thanks especially to Simon for arranging the day, to Siva for welcoming us so warmly, to the British Ambassador to Austria for showing his support and opening the batting with me, and to everyone else who came along and played / supported / cooked / took photos / got cold. A few months ago I didn’t know cricket was played in Austria, and today I saw what great health it is in.

With Siva in Vienna

Captains at the toss of the coin...

 A great day, and I look forward to seeing you all again in a couple of summers’ time.

The United Smiles of Austria

The United Smiles of Austria

James and I are heading to Bratislava tomorrow. Still not much tweeting I’m afraid as I’m picking the new phone up in Budapest on Thursday. Forecast for the next few days is rain, which is cool.

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  1. November 8, 2009 11:36 pm

    …………hopefully your beard won’t turn white as you head into winter! xxx

  2. Annie permalink
    November 9, 2009 1:46 pm

    For some very strange reason, and I apologise to you Mum in advance, im quite liking the big ginger beard Ols! Probably becasue it makes me smile in every photo!
    Keep the blogs coming, they’re brill 🙂
    Missing & loving you xxxx

  3. James Mannix permalink
    November 11, 2009 11:54 am

    Broomy your beard is horrid and we all knew it was going to be ginger!

    It looks like you are having great fun shining the light of cricket into some really deprived corners of Europe.

    Tas is keeping a close track of your progress and has your web page up virtually all the time so she gives us regular updates. Cleggy got promoted and has started throwing his weight around a bit, but other than that you’ve not missed too much whilst you’ve been on the road!

  4. Antony Green permalink
    November 13, 2009 10:15 am

    Nice to see Gilmour is is taking every opportunity to eat – and that Panniers West is doing the job!!!!

  5. Vanessa x permalink
    November 15, 2009 7:44 am

    My word you look more and more like Alastair with your beard. The kids didn’t recognise you.So glad to see you are having a ball!!! Lots of love to you Oli!! Keep on….keeping on! Vanessa and the gang xxx

  6. Alex Eventon permalink
    November 18, 2009 7:44 pm

    Broomo, you are shining a light for gingers all over the world. I salute you.

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